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Why create a disposable email address?

The reason is simple, you've never had enough of receiving spam in your mailbox all day long? This is why we have created a service that allows you to receive emails without giving your main email address, the one you use for work for example. Normally creating a new email address should take you at least 10 minutes with a lot of information to fill in. On NoSpamToday you just have to type the name you want and you will get an email address in the form yourname@nospam.today. You can also, if you wish, generate an email address randomly.

Social Networks

Many NoSpamToday users want to get an address in order to register on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.... This is quite possible thanks to our temporary addresses, indeed many disposable email address services are blocked by social networks which is not the case of NoSpamToday.

Forums, blogs and others

Often it is useful to ask for help on a forum or to have to register to access a blog and you do not necessarily want to give your main email address. NoSpamToday offers you an optimal service for this type of case by generating an email address for free.

Confidentiality of e-mails

As you have understood, the simplified access to your e-mail address is done without registration and without identification, so it makes your e-mails accessible to anyone who knows your identifier. So be careful not to receive emails containing confidential information about our service. However, you can still do this by taking precautions such as choosing a rather complex identifier (not 1234 for example) or simply deleting emails as they arrive. Be aware that these methods are not infallible the site being open to all users.

NoSpamToday has not been created to support any illegal acts. Please do not abuse this service to perform any actions that are against any laws. NoSpamToday reserves the right to take necessary measures to prevent illegal operations. This includes blocking email adresses, banning IP addresses.