If you want to reduce spam and keep your email address away from trash mails then here is a quick guide on how to create a temporary email address with NoSpamToday.

The short term email addresses come very hand and have numerous benefits as you do not need to pass through the difficult process of creating them. You can get them for free, use them for as much time you want, and the most important thing is that you don't need any phone number to verify and activate and the most important is that you are free to create as many emails you wish.

Create a Temporary Email Address

A temporary disposable email account is a fake email which can be used to only receive emails. You can generate disposable email addresses through many sites and many ways. However using NoSpamToday is like clicking a magic button.

To begin creating your first email just go ahead and click the Random button (Clicking Random button generates an random email for you).

If you want to create a disposable email with a custom username then instead of clicking the Random button, enter your desired username in the Email ID area then click the Create button.

Let us talk about why you should use a temporary email and how you can keep your real email private.

Avoiding spam:

Obviously, spam is a nuisance, and it has to be stopped. Many websites will acquire your email address via email exchange, and you will have to deal with annoying messages sent multiple times per day.

Protect your identity:

Instead of sharing a way for other people to identify you online, the disposable email will help you share a fictional address. This way you never have to worry about using spam, but you never have to deal with any identity theft situations either.

You can track who uses your email:

When you join a mailing list, it can be pretty difficult to figure out where your email address will go. But when you create a disposable email address and subscribe to someone, it will be very easy to figure out if that website/email list sold your information or email to others.

You get to keep your important emails private:

If you don't want to use your personal email for anything other than work or private messaging, you can use a disposable email address for anything else. It will be an excellent way to get access to the websites and services you want, so you should keep that in mind.