What is a temporary / disposable / anonymous email?

A. A disposable email is a temporary and entirely anonymous email address that doesn't require any registration.

How does disposable mail differ from regular emails we use?

  • Registration isn't necessary.
  • It's fully anonymous. All personal information, addresses, and IP addresses are deleted within 6 hours.
  • Messages are delivered instantly.
  • The email address is generated automatically, but you can also opt for a custom one.

How long is my Email ID active?

A. Your Email ID remains active indefinitely. However, please be aware that emails are deleted every 6 hours.

I've been waiting for more than 15 minutes, but I haven't received any messages!

A. Occasionally, there might be some delays due to the high number of users utilizing our servers daily. Please try again later. Additionally, certain domains might be blacklisted due to excessive usage. In such cases, try creating emails using different domains.

How many Temporary Email Addresses can I create?

A. There's no limit to the number of email addresses you can create.

We hope these answers provide clarity on the key aspects of our temporary email service. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Your convenience and privacy are of utmost importance to us.